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If you are tired of endless attack ads, mud slinging and name-calling, we have a solution. At Jefferson Action we are dedicated to bringing the voice of the people back into politics and making sure the politicians are listening.

Jefferson Action is a registered 501(c)4 non-profit.  We rely on the contributions of individuals; every donation, big or small, builds more momentum for citizen-based policy solutions based on informed participation, not sound bites and distractions.  While contributions to Jefferson Action are not tax deductible* they are extremely important for our work. Thank you for your support.

We use Paypal to process your donation — it’s safe, secure and does not require a Paypal account to donate.

Jefferson Action and our sibling organization, the Jefferson Center, will not sell or share your personal information with third parties.

*If tax deductible donations are important to you, please consider contributing to our partner organization, The Jefferson Center for New Democratic Processes.

If you prefer to mail your donation, please send it to our address, available here: