Just for Fun

This election cycle has seen its share of ridiculous campaign ads. Our team complied a list of real campaign statements and then made up some of our own. Can you tell which is real and which is fake? Click and hold to reveal the answers. 

“Congressman X… Republicans call him the “Charlie Sheen” of State politics… Congressman X… His record includes bar brawls, road rage and resisting arrest, a past of debts and liens, an overdrawn checking account while in Congress, a loan from dad to pay his taxes… His yacht club sued him, his condo association took him to court, now he’s running for Senate…Congressman X: State voters can’t afford his party tab.”
House Majority PAC (FL-Sen) – “Tiger Blood”
“Candidate X can’t stop talking about paying for government spending by borrowing from China.  Meanwhile, she can’t stop borrowing from the Bank of Mom and Dad to fuel her out-of-control negative ad campaign.  Over the past couple of months, Candidate X has borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from her parents to cover the costs of her reckless campaign spending. .  Their family-funded Super PAC is spending millions to buy her a seat in Washington, including flying in wealthy bankers from Belgium for a lavish party at the family estate.  All that borrowing and binge-spending begs the question: Can State voters really afford to send Candidate X to Congress?”
“Two radically different visions for the state… 2006: Candidate X hosts a raucous National Corndog Day party in his swanky D.C. neighborhood, serving more than 1,000 corn dogs, 1,200 beers and a 150-pound ice luge for consuming shots of Jägermeister.” 2008: Candidate X is back corn-dogging again… Meanwhile, back in State, Candidate Y is working for State families.”
South Dakota Republican Party (SD-AL) – “Dueling Visions”
“Candidate X isn’t being honest about his drunken assault of a police officer… The truth is, after the charges were dropped, Candidate X’s father gave the prosecutor a huge campaign donation. Now Candidate X is hiding behind his dad again, using his money to fund a negative campaign. Disturbing behavior, troubling actions…You can’t trust candidate X in Washington.”
Allen West for Congress (FL-18) – “Prosecutor”
“That Candidate X is something: She gave herself a 40% pay raise, charged us for a police helicopter ride to go to a dinner party, but the worst part, she spent over $13K in tax-payer money on a marble shower in a private bathroom, with her own toilet… What a waste, all that money down the drain for her own personal use. (Narrator/Actor sits down on toilet, FLUSHES) When you gotta go, you gotta go… but that’s just ridiculous.”
Adam Hanser for US House (FL-22) – “Gotta Go”
“Completely out-of-touch — Candidate X is completely out of touch with real people in [STATE]. He’s spent his entire adult career in Washington as a lobbyist, and still spends 93.6 percent of his time there, talking to lobbyists and special interest. A member of his own party called him ‘Washington’s biggest social butterfly.’ Candidate Y grew up here, and fights for working families here at home.  (Footage of various pro wrestling body slams and knockouts) Washington lobbyists beware — Candidate Y is coming, and unlike Candidate X, you better hope he doesn’t show up at your fancy party.”
“Trust and Faith – as a doctor, Candidate X earned his patients’ trust. (Voiceover report fromTV Narrator) “The Pro-life supporter (Candidate X) had an affair with the patient a decade ago and, after learning she was pregnant, urged her to have an abortion…” (New voiceover from TV narrator) “Candidate X’s Office did not fight any accusations in the new article… Some constituents say ‘If the story is true,’ it would make their congressman a total hypocrite.”
House Majority PAC (TN-4) – “Trust”